Things that make Gamers no.1 Douchebags

Gamers can be a lot of things. But there are some things that make gamers some of the worst people alive. Here we go….

Bullying noobs

Ok. This one was pretty obvious. There a lot of people who get discouraged by pro players. Sure, those guys can rule the playing field, but bullying early gamers is not a good showing for the gaming community.

Instead, gamers can help noobs by telling them tips and tricks of the game they are playing. They can maybe (just maybe) go easy on them, especially in fps games where they are still getting used to the whole map and sharpening their reflexes. Even if they don’t help the noobs, it’s fine. But bullying them is not an option.

Accept your loss, don’t insult

I have seen this happen a lot of times. Gamers can get a little abusive, when they lose a match that is. Hey! You win some, you lose some. Accept the lose. But some people just don’t. Of course, losing a game hurts. That doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse the winners. Don’t do this gamers, please.

If you want to let off some steam, win the next game. Don’t insult. Please.


Okay this was again, obvious. No, we’re not taking about using cheats. We are talking about cheating in games using mods and hacks and other rubbish. Why cheat gamers? It isn’t gonna bring you anything. Maybe you will win, but that’s because you used a cheat and not because of your skills.

Cheating in any sport brings disgrace to the sport. So why do you continue to cheat? Please stop doing this.

Changing teams in between a match

This is a really douche move. People do this when their team is about to lose the match. They exit the match and rejoin the winning team. Man up and take the loss gamers!

Losing is also a part of gaming. So what if you have some bad players on the team? Changing teams is not the right thing to do. Please gamers, have some dignity.

Rage quitting

This is absolutely horrible. Rage quitting in between a match is just douchy and makes you an annoying person.

This happens especially in sports based where you miss a shot or something. Throwing your controller to the monitor or smashing your keyboard isn’t very sportsman like and if you do these kinds of things, please stop right now.

If you do a minimum of 2 of the above mentioned things, please stop. The gaming community is losing it’s respect due to douchebag gamers and we need to put an end to it now.


A Noobs guide For The Best  Used Smartphones Out There

Today , a genuinely good smartphone tends to come very close to emptying your bank account , this is something we geeks know all too well . But this dilemma is faced mostly by Android users , due to the overwhelming amount of companies selling smartphones . iPhone lovers have it a lot easier , as all they have to do is buy an older generation iPhone , preferably used and they end up saving a lot of money while getting a very premium experience . Of course we could do the same for Android right?Not really . As mentioned before the sheer number of Android smartphones out there is way too much , that definitely doesn’t make the task of buying an old or used smartphone at a reasonable price . But we at Go Crunch are here to help , for here are some slightly older models that you should definitely check out !

The One Plus Line-upImage result for one plus lineup

The One Plus 5 has been out on the market for quite some time now , and its done nothing but impress us with its specs and overall performance . However , even though its very fairly priced for what your’e getting it just means that you will get the older models at a much cheaper rate . Take the OnePlus One , powered by a Snapdragon 801 chipset , clocked at 2.5 Ghz , coupled with 3 GB of RAM . Not bad . Sure yes it may not give us the most high end performance or the snappiest , but it will definitely hold up today . That’s just the bottom of it . Go a bit higher on your budget and pick up a OnePlus Two and you’ll definitely get a more powerful experience than the OnePlus One . The OnePlus 3 is definitely something to pick up if you come across a used one , but since the OnePlus 3 is still kind of new , we really aren’t seeing a lot of used ones , however do search !

Google’s NexusImage result for nexus lineup

Ahhh , the Google Nexus , or the Pixel ? Which is it ? Anyways I prefer the original name if you guys don’t mind . “The Cleanest and Most Smooth Android Experience ” is what comes to my mind whenever I come across Google’s Nexus line-up . The latest version of it is the Pixel , a truly unique phone , offering the best in class performance and looks as well . My favorite ones out of the Nexus line-up are the Nexus 5 , 5X , 6P . The Pixel is also there but since I wanna focus on more performance to price ratio , I’m gonna leave that out . Although the Nexus 5 isn’t really that much of a powerhouse in this whole list , it was once a flagship . As of now , it is outdated as Google stopped rolling out their official updates for this model a while back . The last update being for Android Marshmallow . But the biggest pro with this phone is that these can be found abundantly anywhere in the world . And if you feel the need for the latest software , just put a custom ROM on there and you’re good to go . The other three I mentioned are also fairly old , but still a great deal .

LG G-seriesRelated image

The LG G-series smartphones are certainly something . They boast very powerful specs as you would see on the OnePlus smartphones . So far we have seen up to the G6 , which features a bezel-less design . But looking back , we can see that all the smartphones that have been released previously are powerhouses . Most of them run an OKAY interface and outdated versions of Android , so you might wanna look into that before you go buy these . Our personal favorites are the G2 and the G3 . They can be found at insanely low prices online as well as locally , so check out these too .

Samsung’s Galaxy Note and S-seriesImage result for samsung galaxy and note series

We all are still hearing about the Note 7’s explosive failure even after almost a year of release . The Note 8 has arrived and so far nothing terrible has happened thankfully . On the S side we all have seen the S8 , which brought the bezel-less design to the market on a major flagship , its definitely been noticed and appreciated for its fresh design , which every other phone company is being seen to replicate onto their own phones (cough*iPhone8*cough) . However , despite the Note 7 being a failure it is no reason to not check out the older models , which frankly can take on daily tasks just fine . The same goes for the S-Series . Although we recommend you don’t go too old , if you expect some decent performance for today’s needs .

The HTC sagaImage result for evolution of htc

It is definitely not at the top anymore but during the 2010-2011 period, it was at its peak. HTC is credited for releasing the 1st ever Android phone, the HTC Dream/ T-Mobile G1, since then, it has had a lot of time to come up with newer models with better everything. It’s most recognized smartphone was the HTC Desire, released in 2010 and it’s one of our personal favorites (although its kinda under powered in today’s standards). The HTC one series has great options including the HTC One M8 and HTC One M9 which gives a great performance output.


In conclusion , buying an older Android flagship ain’t that bad for people with a tight budget. But to be honest , we would recommend saving up and buying a newer flagship because older flagships might have out-dated software and hardware features whereas the newer phones obviously are the latest version themselves .

Looks like you have a tough decision to make. We hope we have made it easier for you guys (emphasis on”hope”). For any further inquiries, leave a comment or you can also email us.

Why The Xbox One X Is Actually A Kind Of Dumb Idea

Finally the wait is over! The almighty Xbox One X  has finally arrived . But we here at GO Crunch aren’t really impressed . Sure it boasts of power and definitely stands tall compared to the PS4 Pro in all aspects of hardware , Sony’s shot at a fully capable 4k console that runs games in not so true 4K.Getting back to the One X , it definitely beats the crap out of the original Xbox One , which was really deficient of computing power . So technically since the Xbox One X has stood out as probably the most powerful console right now on the market it should be better right ? Not really . The simple reason for this is that a guy looking for an Xbox will most probably care very little about the specs or not even bother of it . So in short the Xbox One X is in the wrong place . The whole ideology behind the console itself is flawed. Now of course that doesn’t mean no one’s going to buy the console , and yes one major pro with this console is that it will stand the test of time much like its very much older brother , the 360 , which i’m sure has given us all unforgettable

The One X will support most major titles for the upcoming 2 or 3 years in true 4K . But after that we can definitely see games being toned down a bit even for this system to be able to handle it in 4K . Another thing everyone is forgetting is , 4K TV’s are still making it’s way to the common household . Even now i’m pretty confident that a vast majority of people have 1080p TV’s at the maximum . So thinking about it in that perspective , not only is it more beneficial to just buy an Xbox One S or PS4 slim , but helps save money too . But to be honest with the Xbox One X , gamers are getting maybe even more than their moneys worth with a price tag of 499$ . I’m pretty sure that a PC built for the same price would stand equal to the console itself , maybe even more powerful.

To conclude , the Xbox One X does have potential , it definitely stands above all the other consoles in terms of computing power as of this moment . So if you are in the market for the most powerful console experience this console is definitely for you . Make sure you have a 4K TV to enjoy it in all its glory! Otherwise please stick to the base models .